Lie #1 was to my new friends, about why I moved here.

Lie #2 was to my husband, about who I was before I met him.

Lie #3 was to myself, that I would get away with what I’ve done.

When I met Seb, it was like everything fell into place. My daughter Evie finally had a proper dad, and I had found the husband of my dreams – and what Seb didn’t know about my past wouldn’t hurt him.

But lately he’s been acting strangely. He won’t look me in the eye, he keeps coming home late and the other day at the school fair I saw him arguing with an unknown woman – the same woman I’ve seen hanging around outside our house.

And now I wonder whether I’m not the only one with a secret, and whether the perfect home I’ve sacrificed everything to build is about to come crashing down…


'Revelation after revelation this book keeps you on your toes!'


'Every Little Lie has several plot zingers that knocked me aside'.