The news of her mother’s death hits Nell as if she’s been shot. The letter must be some kind of prank, but who could be so cruel? Because Nell’s mother died nearly thirty years ago.

When Nell was just a baby, her parents died in a car crash, leaving her to be raised by her devoted grandmother, Lilian. So when the lawyer’s letter arrives, informing her of her mother Sarah’s very recent death, it destroys everything Nell thought she knew. Her grandmother loved her, so why did she lie? And why did her mother abandon her?

Nell knows she can never recapture the years with her mother that were taken from her, and fears this will haunt her forever. Now she won’t rest until she finds out why she was so cruelly deceived. But her family’s past has been kept secret for a reason, and someone is desperate for it to stay that way. How much danger will Nell risk for the truth?


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‘A well-written, twisty novel. Another fantastic and compelling thriller by  Sanderson.’ 

The Bandwagon, 5 stars

'I was riveted, chilled and itching with curiosity... maddeningly paced, tautly written, brilliantly plotted... Lesley Sanderson is one twisted sister!'

Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars